MAPNA Turbine Blade Company - PARTO Manufacturer of heavy duty gas turbine blades and vanes for industrial and power generation application.
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News Date: 9/16/2012

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Parto Blades

PARTO BladesPARTO present production plan is to manufacture 14 different types of Blades and Vanes for SIEMENS V94.2 (159 MW) and GE-F9 (123 MW).The range of products weight is up to 120 KGs.

The products are made with Nickel based and Cobalt based alloys.

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Blade Features

Blades and Vanes are manufactured from NICKEL and COBALT based super alloys such as In738LC, In739, In739, FSX414, GTD111,GTD222. Products manufactured from Re-Engineering process in PARTO are installed on different Power Plants and have been working since 2003.

Weight of the products are up to 120 KG.

The casting processes performed in vacuum and atmosphere conditions.

Some Blades have air cooled holes made by STEM machining process.

Most of the products are LVPS coated.
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About MAPNAIran Power Plant Projects Management Co. (MAPNA) was established in February 1993 by the Ministries of Energy and Industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a private company with the primary objective of undertaking the development and implementation of power plant,utility and industrial projects.

MAPNA, having well-trained and experienced human resources acts as an economic institute for the execution and management of power plant and industrial projects inside or outside of the country, considering technical, qualitative and economic principles.

For optimized execution of its duties, this company has established some companies or has taken partnership in other companies through the purchase of their shares which found Mapna Group...

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