F5 (MS5002C&D)

The directionally solidified (D/S) GTD-111 Stage 1 bucket which introduced on version D of MS5002 is the result of a recent OEM advancement in materials. The high temperature advantage compared to equiaxed superalloys is the result of the elimination of transverse grain boundaries from the bucket. This allows for a substantial increase in creep life, thermal fatigue and impact strength.
Utilizing its vast knowledge of several years of developing equiaxed castings and state of the art technology, MAPNA Turbine Blade engineering and manufacturing Co.-PARTO is the first local firm which has managed to develop these D/S parts in order to support strategic oil and gas industries within I.R.IRAN
  • Type: F5 - First Stage Bucket
  • Material: EEQ 111 DS
  • Weight: 3.7(kg)
  • coating: Yes
  • cooling: NO
  • Number: 80

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