In this workshop, a wide range of overlay & diffusion coatings are applied on gas turbine hot section parts which include common & advanced MCrAlYs, TBCs (Thermal Barrier coatings), Hardface, Abradable and sealing by thermal spray methods. Internal & External diffusion type Aluminide coatings are also implemented by CVD & Pack Cementation methods.
The activities of this workshop can be classified into the following sections:
  • Overlay and diffusion coatings by:
    • LVPS (Low Vacuum Plasma Spray)
    • APS (Air Plasma Spray)
    • HVOF (High Velocity oxy fuel)
    • Pack Cementation
    • CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)
  • Finishing Processes
    • Vacuum Heat Treatment
    • Atmospheric Heat Treatment
    • Ceramic Shot Peening
    • Root Shot Peening (for gas turbine blades)
    • Welding &Assembly (TIG Welding & Spot Welding)
    • Brazing
    • Penetrant NDT testing (FPI)
    • Airflow & Water flow tests
    • Frequency Measurement of Rotary parts (blades)
    • Moment Weight Measurement and blades Sequencing

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