The R&D department plays a critical role in increasing PARTO’s competitiveness in the global market by improving the company’s technical know-how. PARTO has developed a large network of goal-oriented relationships with both academic and industrial institutions to walk through the state-of-the-art science and technology.
Major recent activities of the PARTO’s R&D are:
  • Know-how development for manufacturing of advanced single crystal (SX) turbine blades using the Seed-Phase Pilot method
  • Know-how development for life time estimation of TBC coating systems
  • Designing and development of advanced TBC systems
  • Know-how acquisition of new high temperature materials such as Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • Know-how acquisition of additive manufacturing-based methods for building up gas turbine blades
  • Know-how development of LAMP method for manufacturing of ceramic shells and cores simultaneously
  • Acquiring technical know-how and application of TiAl alloys in gas turbines
  • Superalloy performance optimization and modification
  • Mechanical behaviour characterization and mapping using physic-based models
  • Advanced damage modelling and failure analysis of gas turbine blades
  • Preparation of Creep Form Formation Models for MGT40 Turbine First Pole Alloy MGT40 (P11 Alloy)
  • Smart scanning of worldwide scientific and technological trends at PARTO’s Observatory of Science and Technology to have a long-term outlook foresight