Based on remarkable technical knowledge and professional personnel along with state-of-the-art technology, Parto Company's casting plant is capable of development and manufacturing of very complex new parts in a significantly short time, involving gas turbine hot section components such as rotor blades, stator nozzles, combustion chamber and assembly components.
Gas turbine hot section components are manufactured through "Investment Casting" process in this plant. The wax shop is equipped with high-tech machinery, and is capable of introducing wax patterns with high dimensional precision and superior surface quality. The ceramic mould shop uses fully automated machinery which guarantees the production consistency, dimensional precision and parts' surface quality. The casting shop has the ability to provide its customers with Ni and Co based superalloy products under vacuum (VIM) and non-vacuum (IM) conditions up to 150 Kg with equiaxed, Directional Solidification (DS) and Single Crystal (SX) grain structures.
Several high-accuracy quality control processes are performed using advanced and up-to-date equipment through various inspection methods including NDT, dimensional, mechanical, metallurgical and chemical controls.

Ceramic Cores
PARTO has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce ceramic cores for all types of IGT (Industrial Gas Turbines) purposes, industrial & heavy duty gas turbine blades and vanes as well as other ceramic parts.
Our company is one of the global suppliers of ceramic parts with a wide range of size (from 5gr to 7500 gr in weight) and complexity in shape for various metal casting industries, predominantly in the field of IGT with substantial investments and an ambitious development program.
The quality of our ceramic cores is a significant key for our target markets and commodity futures which ensures consistent mechanical and thermal characteristics essential for our clients' technical applications.
Our company has been able to develop new ceramic parts to fit the customer needs and the casting conditions by expanding the research analysis via a fully equipped laboratory

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